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My iOS Applications, please check them out!


Pocket Jets AR

With POCKET JETS you take full 360 degree flight-control over a futuristic 'Gyro-Jet' as you steer it through the REAL-WORLD environment surrounding YOU! 

Pocket Jets uses the gyroscope in your iDevice to convincingly blend 3D-graphics with your camera’s view to deliver a truly immersive experience.

OTF Surfing

OVER THE FALLS is the latest surfing game for the iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad and takes you on an epic journey through colourful locations - from graceful Long Boarding, through wave-tricks & big-aerial stunts, to high-octane barrel-riding as seen through the Surfer’s eyes.

Pocket Jets Training

This is the free/training version of Pocket Jets (AR) and allows you to practise flying the Gyro-Jets only to see if you have what it takes to enter into battle.

This version does not include weapons or enemy jets, but does allow the use of AR (Augmented Reality, via the Camera and Gyroscope).

Lawn Bowls

INTERNATIONAL LAWN BOWLS is the first ‘old-school’ bowling game for the iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad.

Players take turns to roll their bowls along the green trying to finish with their bowls closest to the Jack.  This creates a skilful game of precision-aiming, fast-driving and tactical-blocking.


OTF Surfing Lite

OTF LITE is the free version of OTF Surfing and is designed to show a little of how the full game plays and ‘feels’.  The LITE version includes the full practice mode but is limited to only one character, one surfboard and one (fairly tough) challenge.

Coming Soon...

Working on a NEW iOS APP right now, Iove to tell you all about it here, but then I’d have to kill you.

Lets just say, it’s going to be very different from my others, and will be available in the New Year....

Please check back soon.